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Marketing is the current most preferred way to earn money from home. It is absolutely riskless, and allows the highest payout of all niches: it is limited by nothing. Your income starts with an investment of at most $7 per month. Your Profit sums steadily and grow over time very fast with each day you work. In fact, it is more work than click in a legit autotrader on some buttons, but with zero risk is it absolutely the best way for making money online. Please waste no time and read → Affiliate Marketing: Start to earn money!.

Encrypted currencies

Encrypted currencies are a new great investing opportunity in the financial industry. Please note that current scammer try to cheat you with Binary Option autotraders, faking trading of encrypted currencies. Binary options are great (read below), when you use the right tools, but take care to don’t fall for such scammer. earn-money.today is in contact with the creators of real trading solutions, coming soon. Don’t forget to join the newsletter to the right to be the first when one these unique services is online.

In the case you still don’t know what it is or how to use them, please read the → Bitcoin Introduction (Bitcoins – What is it, where to get, how to earn money?).

The truth about scam reviews

Many pages try to play with your mind, using a simple scam principle called “circular argument”. These page write a review without talking to any past members and assuming, that a software is a scam. The problem is, that you can prove all if you assume it. In this case is a scam a scam, because it is a scam. Such a review is worthless. To don’t fall for this trap assume we always, that a software is legit and try to find contradictions. This make sure only the real good software are left.

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Look, if it is already listed as scam! If it is not listed as scam or legit service, respectively, use the contact form.

Having still not a free and great chart solution?

A chart software is a must-have for investing into the global market. The application Maximus Edge AutoBot is a free all-in-one trading suite and cover not only a professional chart but a signal generator and tools for risk management. The Freeware MetaTrader by MetaQuotes comes with lots of indicators, is very strong configurable and has an integrated script language, called MetaQuotes Language (MQL). This software is available for Windows, Android and iPhone/iPad, but basic Linux user can run it in Wine without any trouble. Fewer configurable but immediate usable is the MetaTrader WebTerminal. This bases only on HTML5, which makes it available for all platforms. Much more options covering and for binary options the first choice of many traders is the free version of FreeStockCharts, but it has other disadvantages. It bases at Microsoft Silverlight, the worst try to copy the already worst Adobe Flash. You need to install Silverlight first and are only able to use this tool at Windows platforms. Beginners are mostly overwhelmed by the full interface. But the biggest advantage is, that the price is mostly exacter to the price used by brokers. If you meet all conditions, you may test it, else the first two alternatives are much more recommended.

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